A Story in Nicknames

Over the years, Christine has amassed a panoply of nicknames, each bestowed upon her in deference to her skill, tenacity, diplomacy and excellence. She loves her work and her work loves her back.

Here are a few of her lasting monikers:

Eagle Eyes Steele

Oracle of Copyediting


Woman of Steele

Cascading Style Sheets 

(an HTML term with initials that mirror hers: CSS)

In addition to these unique and loving accolades, you might want to know that Christine loves the ampersand (&) and September 24th, otherwise known as National Punctuation Day. Don't be surprised if she sends you cookies with commas and semicolons on them!



Published typos and ampersands I have collected. Send me yours!

I have such a passion for editing and punctuation that, over the years, I have collected images of published errors and my beloved ampersand. Friends, colleagues and clients send them to me all the time. Here is my collection. Have a look and please send me any you find in your travels. I will upload them here!