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I Love Typos

Typos – I love them. They make me laugh mostly, but sometimes I just say OMGOSH! I can’t believe it was missed and made it into print, especially on a professional sign or on a building marquee. There are some funny word mistakes too that have made me laugh, including:

Booklet with "committee" misspelled

My first biggest “oops” was in a mutual fund report, and spellcheck would not have caught it. I missed the word “committed,” which was supposed to be “committee.”

At my old gym, a sign in the bathroom said: Socks are provided for your continence. Too bad I didn't take a picture of that one.

And a colleague sent me a note about “incontinent” data. (Yes, I saved it for future chuckles.)

Typed note with incorrect word used

Because of my love for the English language, my friends and family send me photos of typos: on signs in grocery stores or on buildings, and even pictures of menus while they are on vacation in other countries. Here’s a few new ones I’ve received and some great ones I had forgotten about. They’ll be added to my gallery of errors, and please send me more!

Say it with Steele, x C

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