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Figure it Out

There are many good quotes and mottos out there. One of my favorite quotes on my bulletin board is said to Winnie the Pooh by Christopher Robin, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

It’s guided me during tough times when I have questioned myself and some life decisions.

In 2021, “Figure it out” became a new favorite motto. Times have seemed tougher this year than last, and I also lost a loved one.

I have felt sad about the state of our world, like many others also feel too. But I keep going. You must too.

Sometimes I have thought that I just don’t know how to figure things out … like technology, running my own editing business, taxes, car issues, finances, and planning for retirement ... but I do figure it out!

We learn as we go along. It’s how we all figure it out. So I can figure it out, and so can you. Keep the faith. Trust yourself and the process.

I usually don’t make crafts, but I made time in the past two years and attended a few virtual craft classes. I decided I wanted to make a “Figure it out” banner. After all, we all are already figuring it out and do it every day. We just need to be reminded of it.

Say it with Steele, x C


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