Fun with Symbols!

Are you wearing your mask? It could be a matter of life and death, seriously, so you can bet I’m wearing mine. Additionally, I look forward to wearing mine because it’s made out of fun punctuation fabric, and I’m a language-loving word nerd in every way. It’s also lovingly made and perfectly sewed by my mom, and I’m proud to show off her work. When I shared my mask photo with my friends, some chuckled because of the fabric pattern and my friend, Jeff, said it could be substituted for the letters when writing curse words, as in “I hate that %!#& coronavirus!” Why yes, it can be substituted for that, and I replied with the name for that string of characters: grawlix. Grawlix Merriam-Webster de

What's Your Pronoun?

Have you been asked what’s your pronoun? I have not been asked the question yet, but I’ve shared my personal pronouns (she/her) in the classes I teach. The learning management system for my copyediting courses offers a dropdown menu in the settings to choose your personal pronouns, if you’d like to share, and they will be included beside your name when you post on the discussion board. I’ve always found language interesting and fun, but to be able to better understand it, its origins, and how to correctly use it will make me a more effective and respectful editor and instructor. I enjoy sharing resources and enlightening others on some things I have read and learned from. The following are t

5 Myths About Online Learning

I’ve been seriously neglectful of my blog, but I hope you’ll think my excuse is a good one. I got into the world of online teaching, and it’s so rewarding. I love it. A year ago, that was what my post was about, but since then I've learned so much. I am teaching copyediting classes that are part of a copyediting certificate program. It’s fun and enjoyable, and interacting with students each quarter who also enjoy learning more about copyediting and our language is even more gratifying. I had only taken two online classes before teaching online. I hadn’t thought much about the process of learning online nor what the benefits were. There are many and I’d like to share five myths about online l