Over 25 years, Christine Steele has managed more projects to success than you care to know about. (If you really want to know, just ask. She'd be happy to give you a list and references!)

Here are a few to give you a taste of the breadth and depth of her work!



Edited myriad articles and industry whitepapers for publication including an award-winning whitepaper, "The Long View," featuring trending investment perspectives.

Steele Edited Books.jpg


Edited four books, all available on Amazon. Currently editing a coffee table art book. Book editing is far more involved than copy editing and includes all aspects of getting a book from concept to market.

Web Content


Edited and wrote copy for live sites including website content, social media posts, hashtag strategy and implementation, e-books, three corporate blogs and more.

Printed Material


You name it, Christine has done it. Press releases, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, direct mail, newsletters, marketing materials, annual reports, product reviews, advertisements PLUS seven editions of the 100+-page Capital Group Companies Style Guide over a 10-year period. The Guide is used globally.

Farm Girl's Guide


Edited comprehensive online travel guide, complete with reference links and hashtags, geolocations and all contact information, as well as a printed companion map detailing each location on a checklist and pin drop.