A Missing Comma Cost $5 Million?

One of my first and favorite language books that covers punctuation is “Grammatically Correct,” by Anne Stilman. It includes 26 pages of how to use the comma correctly! I have the first edition, but the second edition is available. This book could have come in handy in regard to this story about a missing comma that resulted in a $5 million settlement! Want a copy of the book? If not, you can rely on me to make sure you follow the rules and avoid these kinds of communication problems. I love when my friends alert me to fun grammar-based stories like this (keep them coming)! Although this one probably wasn't any fun for the defendants. Grammar is important and can be tricky. And skimping on e

5 Good Reasons Why You Need an Editor

I consider myself a good editor, and I have a lot of experience. Sometimes I find that my clients don’t fully understand what I can do for them. So here is my “Top 10” list for you, edited down to five! Sometimes a good editor can help you say more with less! Say it with Steele, xC Copy editors read differently. They aren’t just looking for misspellings or missing punctuation, they’re reviewing for flow and understanding, missing words, clichés or regionalisms that others might not understand, language that could offend the reader, any facts that might need sourcing, and consistent tone and voice. They bring a different perspective. Are your paragraphs too long and lose the reader? Is your

Steele Editing & Writing is LIVE!

This is an exciting day ... for me, for words around the world and for any of you who need editing services, help getting your book ready for publication or proofreading for an important document. Steele Editing & Writing's launch is the culmination of more than 25 years of work, work that I love and am proud to have done and to continue. So, tell all your friends, family members and colleagues ... Steele Editing & Writing awaits! Hold on, the phone is ringing! A new client already! Say it with Steele, x C #sayitwithsteele #lovetoedit #illmakeyoulookgood #funwithwords #detailoriented #editinghelp #editorforhire