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5 Good Reasons Why You Need an Editor

I consider myself a good editor, and I have a lot of experience. Sometimes I find that my clients don’t fully understand what I can do for them. So here is my “Top 10” list for you, edited down to five! Sometimes a good editor can help you say more with less! Say it with Steele, xC

  1. Copy editors read differently. They aren’t just looking for misspellings or missing punctuation, they’re reviewing for flow and understanding, missing words, clichés or regionalisms that others might not understand, language that could offend the reader, any facts that might need sourcing, and consistent tone and voice.

  2. They bring a different perspective. Are your paragraphs too long and lose the reader? Is your first paragraph unclear and the reader can’t get to the second? What does that word mean? An editor is your first reader, and if they can’t understand your copy, your reader might not either.

  3. They’re your advocate. An editor is your supporter and wants you to finish your project feeling confident and excited. They will work alongside you and be your cheerleader.

  4. They help you reach your goals. Don’t be shy about telling your editor what you want your writing to accomplish. Although you know what you want to say, an editor can’t read your mind. If you share what your vision is, he or she will work with you to increase your chance of getting you to your goal.

  5. It could save you time and money. Suppose your brochure or book has an important name misspelled, and it’s embarrassing. Do you ignore the error and hope no one notices, or do you discard all the incorrect copies, fix the mistake and send the file to the printer again? Having an editor review your copy before going to the printer saves you time and money, because you have only one chance to make a good first impression.

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