2 Popsicles, Frasier, and Envelopes

There are quite a few words out there that sound the same but are spelled differently. How do you remember the spelling for the word you need? That’s where popsicles, my favorite comedy show “Frasier,” and envelopes come in! The following are just a few of what I’ve collected over the years, and the memory tricks for remembering the spellings are extremely helpful. Wishing you never to be confused again! stationery = the paper that you write letters on and eventually mail in an envelope stationary = immobile Memory trick: Think of “e” in “ery” standing for “envelope. disinterested = free from selfish motive or interest, unbiased uninterested = not having the mind or feelings engaged Memory t

I'm cock-a-hoop about streaming Downton Abbey!

This summer I watched all six seasons of Downton Abbey. What took me so long, right, as to some of you this show is probably old news. I really enjoyed it, and now I see what all the hype was about! What I especially enjoyed was learning new vocabulary. In each episode, there was a word used I hadn’t heard of before. I didn’t start writing down some of the unfamiliar words until half-way through watching, and I loved looking up each one. I turned on closed captioning for every episode so I could learn the character names better and so I also wouldn’t miss anything, in case I couldn’t occasionally understand the lovely British accent. I also wanted to see spellings and names of places. As a c