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2 Popsicles, Frasier, and Envelopes

There are quite a few words out there that sound the same but are spelled differently. How do you remember the spelling for the word you need? That’s where popsicles, my favorite comedy show “Frasier,” and envelopes come in!

The following are just a few of what I’ve collected over the years, and the memory tricks for remembering the spellings are extremely helpful. Wishing you never to be confused again!

stationery = the paper that you write letters on and eventually mail in an envelope

stationary = immobile Memory trick: Think of “e” in “ery” standing for “envelope.

disinterested = free from selfish motive or interest, unbiased

uninterested = not having the mind or feelings engaged

Memory trick: The “dis” in can stand for “don’t involve self.” The “uni” can stand for “u not involved.”

desert = arid land with sparse vegetation, withdraw from/abandon

dessert = a sweet treat or dish served after a meal Memory trick: My mom taught me to think of the two “ss” in dessert as two scoops of ice cream. That’s so easy to remember. I only have popsicles at the moment, so that’s just as sweet – 2 popsicles!! (If you want to know what kind of popsicles are in the photo, they are Outshine brand, raspberry fruit bars and half dipped in dark chocolate. Yeah, they're good!)

grammar = the study of the classes of words, their inflections, and their functions and relations in a sentence

Grammer = the last name of American actor Kelsey Grammer who played Frasier in the TV shows “Cheers” and “Frasier.” Whenever I have a bad day or feel a low mood coming on, my remedy to forget that is watching an episode of Frasier. It works every time.

Memory trick: The “er” is the same ending as “Frasier.”

impactor = a machine or part that operates by striking blows. Could also refer to a large celestial object, which causes an impact.

impacter = a person or thing that impacts

Memory trick: The “o” ending in “impactor” can stand for “operates” for a machine operating or “object” – think of that large meteor, also ending in “or.” And with the “er” ending, if you make an impact, your energy is most likely felt by the recipient, so think of “energy” and that “er” ending.

continuous = uninterrupted, without a break (I blogged continuously for 30 min.)

continual = happens repeatedly but there is a break (I blogged continually during the day.)

Memory trick: I had to find one for this, as I always get them confused. The best one so far is to think of the “l” in “continual” standing for “leave” – you leave the action and then come back.

Do you have any others? Email me!

Say it with Steele, x C

All words defined through Merriam-Webster and


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