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Built and Perfected ... by me!

It’s time I leave the Capital Group Companies after 10 great years. On my first day back in 2005, I thought I’d be handed a style guide so I could learn how to best edit in the world of finance and investments. There wasn’t really one, and I excitedly took on the responsibility. It took me over a year to gather all the information and publish the first edition. Seven updates were published during my tenure.

For the big launch of the first edition, a graphic designer had created an awesome cover, and I ordered binders and alphabetical tabs for assembly. My coworkers also baked delicious treats. The guide was a success and was used in other offices, even outside the U.S. I’m proud of this achievement, and I really did enjoy updating it year after year.

On my final day, I was given this meaningful parting gift – a bound version of my accomplishment. I know I left my legacy, and I’m happy (but I miss it!). I’ll leave you with one piece of wisdom over all these years: Perfect grammar and punctuation are ALWAYS in style.

Say it with Steele, x C

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