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Apostrophe Catastrophe

Picture of a cat face inside a comma and titled Catastrophe

I’ve been taking a grammar class this quarter and thoroughly enjoying the refresher. I’m a total nerd, for sure. There are some parts of grammar that are hard to grasp though, even for me.

One thing that’s hard for some people to grasp is how to pluralize a last name. Should an apostrophe be included? When a proper noun is in plural form, such as your last name, no apostrophe is necessary – ever. There is no possession or ownership.

As we approach this holiday card season, I hope you’ll find this guidance easy to remember.

For most last names, simply add an “s”:

We’re eating turkey with the Wartons.

Love, from the Steeles

The Worrells

The Fredericks

The Rowes

The Quinns

The Tus

If your last name ends in s, z, x, ch, or sh, add “es”:

The Joneses

The Sanchezes

Love, the Felixes

Holiday Hugs, the Bunches

Hugs, the Marshes

If your last name ends in y, add “s”:

The Katys

The Hesleys

Happy Writing, and Happy Holidays! Say it with Steele, x C

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